How To Order

This page explains the process of ordering and receiving your artwork. If you have any questions about the process or the art itself, please e-mail before starting the order process.

Step 1: Initial E-Mail E-mail the following information, along with any questions, to

  • Your name
  • Your contact information & preferences
  • Species of fish
  • Length of fish
  • Type of artwork (Pencil or Oil)
  • Any special considerations or expedited turn-around requests

Step 2: Confirmation Wait for us to reply to your initial e-mail. As soon as we’ve reviewed your information, we’ll reply with follow-up questions and answers so that both parties can decide to move forward with the project.

Step 3: Send Photo Mail us a full-color, minimum 8″x10″ photograph of your fish. The colors in the photo should appear as you want them to look in the finished artwork.  This extra effort on your part will help ensure that the finished product meets your expectations.  If you’re not sure how to get a print of a digital photo, we can help.  Most drug stores as well as stores such as Target and WalMart offer this service.  If you do not have a photograph, we’ll create a reproduction of the species using any distinguishing details you’re able to provide.

Step 5: Work Begins You’ll receive confirmation that we’ve received your photograph and downpayment, and we’ll provide you with an estimated completion date as soon as we can. Pencil drawings typically take four weeks from the time your photograph and downpayment are received. Turn-around time on oil paintings is determined on a case-by-case basis, due to special allowances such as drying time and the ordering of special materials. Expedited turn-around for pencil drawings and oil paintings may be possible; if you have a deadline to meet please let us know in your initial e-mail.

Step 6: Final Payment When the artwork is done, we’ll ask you to send the balance of your payment, via check or PayPal.

Step 7: Shipping When full payment has been received, we will ship your order immediately. All orders are insured and shipped via Federal Express.

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